How do we get started with Big Tree Telecom?

The first step is to request a risk-free consultation.  One of our friendly consultants will contact you to go over what you need from your business phone system and how our solution can help.  We will provide an on-site or online demo, assess your network, and ultimately will install and configure your service to meet your precise requirements.

Can we add more phones or offices as our business grows?

Yes!  As a cloud-hosted service, Big Tree Telecom is not constrained in growth or tied to a specific location and helps you scale up with ease. You may add new phones or office locations, including home offices, at any time.  All phones on your service are connected seamlessly on the same phone system to present the appearance of a single unified office to your callers.

How does Big Tree Telecom save me money?

Our service is billed in a truly unique fashion to help you keep your costs down.  Most business phone systems charge one high monthly rate per user, even for phones that are rarely used.  With Big Tree Telecom, you are billed one low rate for trunk lines (simultaneous call capacity) and a very low per user rate.  Breaking these into two separate charges affords you considerably greater flexibility in controlling your costs to fit your usage, resulting in tremendous net savings.