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We believe small businesses deserve solutions that think big.

That's why, as The Voice of Small Business™, we provide smart, effective, and scalable communication tools to help you do remarkable things.

Since 1996 Freedom Voice has led the way as a business telecom provider, reliably serving over 200,000 entrepreneurs and small businesses along the way. We are dedicated to helping you build your business, improve your professional image, and connect with others via innovative technologies.

Business phone system

CloudPBX is the scalable, cloud-based business phone system designed to help you save money and stay focused on growing. There’s no big ticket hardware to buy, maintain, or replace and your phones are professionally installed, configured, and supported by Big Tree Telecom.

Enjoy the reliability, quality, and features of a Fortune 500 enterprise phone system without the hassle and expense.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do we get started with CloudPBX?

The first step is to request a risk-free consultation. One of our friendly consultants will contact you to go over what you need from your business phone system and how our solution can help. We will provide an on-site or online demo, assess your network, and ultimately will install and configure your service to meet your precise requirements.

Mobile phones for business: Bad idea?

Brad runs his service business on a mobile phone. His employees pass a shared mobile phone back and forth in the office. They clearly need a business class solution. Should Brad continue to run his business on mobile phones? Or would he be better off with new stationary phones on each employee’s desk? You might

What is a trunk line?

Trunk line is a term that we inherited from the former technology. Then, it literally meant the number of phone lines you had. With two trunk lines, for example, you could hold a maximum of two simultaneous phone calls. With VOIP technology trunk lines are more ambiguous. We use them as a gauge for billing

Now, you’re more available than ever.

I was surprised that she didn’t just transfer me. “You’ll have to call his mobile number.” He’s a commercial realtor. So how often is he at the office anyway? He’s probably showing a property or something. Ideally, when someone calls your business, you want them to be able to reach you as quickly as possible. You