What is a Trunk Line?

Trunk line is a term that we inherited from the former technology. Then, it literally meant the number of phone lines you had. With two trunk lines, for example, you could hold a maximum of two simultaneous phone calls.

With VOIP technology trunk lines are more ambiguous. We use them as a gauge for billing purposes. Typically, we have one trunk line per three phones. Let’s say you have five phones and two trunk lines on our system. Two of your people are already on the phone and a third person makes a call. The third person will still get through. Likewise with the fourth and fifth. This is a benefit of VOIP. You will never get a busy signal, either inbound or outbound, with our system.

So, how do you determine how many trunk lines you need, then?
Basically, you can either make an educated guess, or you could obtain a detailed history report for analysis. Most businesses need about one trunk line per three phones. If your business has 10 phones, then you should probably get 3 trunks.
What happens if we get the wrong number of trunk lines?
It’s all about the billing. Let’s say you subscribe to two trunk lines but, on average, you just have one person on the phone. Then you wasted $44 per month on the second trunk line. On the other hand, let’s say you subscribe to only one trunk line but have two people on the phone a lot. Then you would be billed overage at $59 per month.
Burst Trunks
Burst trunks are a feature of our system that helps guarantee all callers can get through, even when all your phones are in use.
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