How to choose a business phone number.

So, you need a new phone number for your business, huh?

Do you just take whatever random number the phone company gives you?
Not at Big Tree Telecom.

It is important to choose a phone number that is easy to remember, easy to say, and easy to dial.

Easy to Remember
Back in the day, we memorized a lot of phone numbers because we had to dial them every time we called them. I’ll bet you can remember your childhood home phone number, can’t you? These days, we program numbers in speed dial or give a voice command to our mobile phones like, “Call Mom”, and it dials it for us. That’s great for your mom’s number, but what about new prospects or customers who need to call your business?

Maybe your put your business phone number on your vehicle and someone sees it while driving down the road. If your number is easy enough to remember, you’re more likely to pick up that new customer when they call you later.

Easy to Say
You’ll be saying your business phone number a lot – and probably for YEARS. So you want it to be easy to say. Try this: say your phone number out loud. Does it roll off your tongue like a song lyric? Or do you get twisted up like Fuzzy Wuzzy?

Numbers that end with double zero are great because you can say, “sixty-two hundred”, for example. Or you can easily say a number that ends with all twos, like “555-2222”. On the other hand, saying “555-1111” will give your lips a workout. Maybe that’s not so bad after all.

Easy to Dial
If your phone number moves your finger over the dial pad in a random order, then it could be more difficult to get it right. Have you ever dialed a number only to learn you dialed it incorrectly? “Suzy doesn’t work here.”

Look for a number that moves your finger in a pattern. The plus sign is great, like 2-8-4-6, for example. 1-3-7-9 moves your finger from corner to corner on the dial pad. 1-3-2-3 uses only the top row and repeats 1 and 2 in numerical order with 3 after each. That’s easy to dial.

Vanity Numbers
You know, like “555-HVAC”, or “555-DIAL”. While a vanity number can be cute and easy to remember, it can be frustrating to dial it. Look at your phone and try to dial “555-HVAC”. See what I mean?

How to Choose Your Number
At Big Tree Telecom, we often work with business owners who are just starting up and need a phone number. Sometimes, people need to switch away from using their cell phone number for the business. Whatever the reason, we start with your area code and then download 5000 available numbers. That’s right, 5 0 0 0 available numbers. Then we search through them for the best numbers and come back to our client with the top three for consideration. Once a number is selected, we snag it for them and add it to their account.

Are You Ready?
If you’re ready to choose a new number for your business, then give us a call today.

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