Now, You’re More Available Than Ever.

I was surprised that she didn’t just transfer me. “You’ll have to call his mobile number.” He’s a commercial realtor. So how often is he at the office anyway? He’s probably showing a property or something.

Ideally, when someone calls your business, you want them to be able to reach you as quickly as possible. You should take your calls on the go, whether your on the road, on the warehouse floor, or loading a truck. When the caller is transferred to your extension, your desk phone and cell phone could ring simultaneously, for example.


business phone mobile

Maybe your working from home. I spoke with a customer who recently had a baby. She was on a kind of maternity leave where she stayed home with her newborn, but still worked remotely. When I tried to call her at the office, the receptionist gave me her cell number, explaining the situation. This is another example where we could eliminate the break-down between office and remote work. This person could either take a work phone to her home, or use  a “soft phone”.

A soft phone is when you use your computer or smart phone in place of your work phone. You can take and make calls from your work number, even though you’re not at work. Download software to your PC or smartphone and now you’re taking and making calls as if your in the office.

It’s easy to take a phone home, or wherever there is a good internet connection. Just plug it in and your phone will ring just as if you’re at work.

These features are transparent to your callers. All they know is that now, you’re more available than ever.

Talk Big.

Andy Brasfield