Porting your number from Google Voice

Many people start their new business with a phone number from Google Voice. It’s often a great fit! You get a second number you can use on your mobile phone. This lets you keep your personal and business numbers separate. I’ve been using Google Voice as my personal number for years!

business phone mobile
Doing business on the go.

Then, your business grows, or you want to step up your game with a professional phone system. Google Voice has some specific steps you must take if you want to move (or “port”) your phone number to another carrier, like Big Tree Telecom. Start by unlocking your Google Voice number here. You’ll need to be logged in.

Sometimes clients find it too cumbersome to port their number from Google Voice. Instead, they might choose to buy a new number. This is not a bad idea. It’s very quick and easy. We work with our clients to carefully choose a number that is right for them.

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