Adding VIPs to Speed Dial on a Yealink

This post will show you how to use the speed dial buttons on your Yealink T series phone.

Option 1, Use your dial pad:

  1. On the Yealink, long press the speed dial button you want to program. A long press means to hold it down.
  2. Using the arrow keys, change the Type to SpeedDial.
  3. Again, using the arrow keys, move down to line 3. Label.
  4. Using the number keys, type the name of your VIP. If you make a mistake, and you probably will, use the Delete button to go back one space at a time.
  5. Tip: I find it easier to type when I change from alphanumeric mode to upper and lower case mode. Touch the button below 2aB. Press it repeatedly until it lands on Abc.
  6. Hit the down arrow to go to the next line labeled Value.
  7. Enter their phone number here. I like to include the area code, like this: 8655551212.
  8. Touch Save.
  9. Rinse and repeat until all your speed dials or VIPs are full.8658981462

What is the button labeled 1 2 for? That is your menu or screen change button. Touch it to move to the next screen for more speed dials. Woohoo!

Option 2, Use the GUI

  1. Access your GUI (see previous post).
  2. On the left pane, click Dsskey.
  3. Click Line Key
  4. You can program up to 21 keys here. Line 1 is usually reserved for your device. Additionally, your administrator may have programmed BLF keys for your coworkers. Don’t change any of those.
  5. Under Type, select SpeedDial.
  6. Under Value, type the phone number.
  7. Under Label, type their name.
  8. Don’t change anything else.
  9. When done, click Confirm. That’s the same as Save. If you’re going to add a bunch of speed dials here, I recommend confirming frequently to prevent loss of data. Mine usually times out, even if I am actively typing in it. Confirm, confirm, confirm.

If you need any assistance, please contact me.

Andy Brasfield
Big Tree Telecom