Auto Provisioning Polycom VVX Phones

While we’ve grown to love the Yealink brand of phones around here, there are a lot of Polycom VVX phones in the field. Here’s how to connect your VVX series phone to our servers.

Let’s start with the full list of Polycom VVX models that this applies to:

  • VVX 150
  • VVX 250
  • VVX 300/310
  • VVX 301/311
  • VVX 350
  • VVX 400/401
  • VVX 410/411
  • VVX 450
  • VVX 500
  • VVX 600

This guide is for the phone side only. This means we assume that your account is already set up on our servers.

Access the GUI by typing the IP address of your phone in a web browser. Keep in mind that the web interface must be enabled in the advanced settings of your Polycom first.

We recommend that you start with a fresh clean slate, so factory reset your VVX phone before beginning.

  1. Once in your VVX GUI, go to Settings, Provisioning Server.
  2. Set Server Type to HTTP
  3. Set the Server Address to
  4. Leave the User and Password blank. (The MAC address of your phone should match what’s already entered on our server.)
  5. Under the DHCP Menu, set the Boot Server to Custom+Opt66
  6. Set the Boot Server Option to 160
  7. Set the Boot Server Type to String
  8. Set the Option 60 Format to ASCII String
  9. SAVE at the bottom of the page

It may require a reboot at this point. That’s fine.

That’s all there is to provisioning your Polycom VVX series phone to our servers.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Talk Big,

Andy Brasfield
Big Tree Telecom